NEW or USED Probst VTK Adjustable Block Cart c/w Rear Comfort Wheel

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Ideal Tool for safely lifting Packs of Bricks / Blocks or any Palletised Material

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Probst VTK-V Blockcart for sale

The Probst VTK-V Blockcart is a heavy duty, adjustable transport cart that will make moving bricks and stones simple and easy. The clamps can grip both bound items like slabs of stone or pavers as well as loose blocks from loading them off the pallet without needing to use any ramps!

The fully mechanical paving transport cart by Probst offers you an efficient way to move your brick pieces around with ease thanks to its clamping mechanism which allows it for effectively handling either loosely stacked objects on top of each other such as those found in this machine’s back section – perfect for when there are no shortages in inventory because everything stays securely together during transit times.

Featuring the following Benefits:

  • Effortless movement of bound or loose Pavers, Kerb Stones, Slabs, etc.
  • The Blocks are Clamped to the Cart by operating a lever through 90°
  • Copes easily on most Packs with Adjustable gripping width 550 mm – 1,050 mm.
  • A Third Wheel at the back allows effortless movement of all Block Packs.



Additional information



Length of Gripper (mm)


Weight Dead Weight (kg)


Height Stone/Element (mm)


Clamping Range (mm)


Working Load Limit (kg)



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