Roust-a-Bout R100 Hire

Available for Immediate Hire. Best Hire Price Guaranteed.

Sumner Roustabout Standard Material Lift with 650kg load capacity that turns One Man Into A Crew!
Tee Head Extension Bar also available for wider loads up to 455kg.


Sumner Roustabout R100 Rental Material Lift

This Roust-a-bout standard model enables one man to lift and place loads in tight locations that would be impossible with other lifts.
Eliminate the need for many other tools, such as scaffolds, monorails, come alongs and swing booms, with this Roustabout Material Lift.

SPECIFICATION Roustabout R100 Standard
Capacity (kg) 680
Closed Height (mm) 2000
Maximum Height (mm) 4600
Lifting Point From Base of Unit (mm) 500
Tee Head Beam Length (mm) 300
Base Footprint 800 x 1000
Weight (kg) 150

β€’ Rugged construction
β€’ 680kg load capacity
β€’ Two winches to operate load and mast elevation separately
β€’ 4-speed load winch
β€’ Capable of lifting loads in tight locations
β€’ Optional extended tee head for wider loads up to 455kg
β€’ 8” casters permit full load to be positioned with ease
β€’ Standard galvanised finish


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