Tirfor TU32 Winch Hire Manual Hoist

Available for Immediate Hire. Best Hire Price Guaranteed.

Tirfor TU32 Heavy Duty Series Manual Hoist

Working Load Limit 3200kg


Hire Tractel Tirfor TU32 Manual Hoist

Tirfor TU32 Winch is a portable manual hoist that can be used for lifting and pulling,  also for lowering, tensioning and securing loads. Suitable for daily heavy-duty applications.

  • Unrivalled in terms of durability and sturdiness
  • For lifting, pulling and positioning heavy loads
  • Self Clamping jaws – heavier the load, tighter the clamp
  • No Limit of the length of the wire rope
  • Range of Accessories Available (ropes, sheave blocks, diverter pulleys, ground anchors and reelers)
Tractel Tirfor TU series Specification
Tractel Tirfor TU series Specification

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Tirfor TU32 Winch

Working Load Limit (WLL)



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