Wienold SLK-20 Hire Superlift Counter Balanced

Available for Immediate Hire. Best Hire Price Guaranteed.

The Wienold superlift with counterweights is able to bring loads up to 6.5m directly to walls or high lying porches with max. load capacity of 300kg.



Wienold Superlift SLK 20 Genie Counter Balancedย 

Integral counterweights avoid the need for forward outriggers allowing the user to bring loads directly to walls or high lying porches.
Ideal for handling awkward loads into place such as window panes and glazing, installation, ventilation and heating applications.

Lifting Height – Standard Forks Up (mm) 6500
Height – Stowed (mm) 2400
Length – Stowed (mm) 960
Length – Working Position (mm) 2220
Ground Clearance – Working Position (mm) 800
Loading Height min (mm) 2200
Load Capacity (kg) 300
Weight Basic Chassis (kg) 184
Weight Complete with Counterbalance
Weights (kg)


  • Standard Forks
  • Safety Brake
  • Genie single speed winch with 2 crank handles
  • Counter Weights
  • Load capacity: 300kg
  • The equipment allows an installation directly at a wall
  • 5 different working heights are possible

Compatible load handling attachments:

  • Standard load forks
  • Adjustable forks
  • Pipe cradle
  • Crane boom
  • Flat forks
  • Load platform for heavy duty
  • Vacuum-lifting equipment for working overhead
  • Battery-powered lift for glazing and converting of insulation panel.

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Wienold SLK-20

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