Minifor Hoist TR 50 Hire Portable Electric

Available for Immediate Hire. Best Hire Price Guaranteed.

Portable Minifor Electric Hoists with unlimited lifting height.

Capacity Load (WLL) up to 500kg.


Hire Minifor Hoist TR-50

Lightweight & powerful lift that raises loads quickly and safely with minimum effort. Suitable for building sites.

High Performance – Sturdy
• Excellent weight – power ratio
• Aluminium alloy housing
• Unlimited length of lifting wire rope

• Adjustable upper and lower stops
• Brake incorporated in motor
• Wire Rope 6.5mm available in increments of 20m to 100m

Minifor TR 50 Specs
Minifor TR 50 Specs

Additional information


Minifor TR 50

Load WLL (Kg)

Direct 500, Sheaved 950

Speed (m/min)

Direct 7, Sheaved 3.5




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